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Willy James has been crafting melodies for over 20 years now.  He approaches his craft with a level of dedication that comes through in the sincerity and honesty of his lyrics.  His vocals have the soulfulness of yesterday's greats, with great power, focus, and dynamics.   Whether he is singing a joyful melody, or a tune of a broken heart, you will feel it.

   Willy's 20 year journey of musical creativity has been a showcase of one's will and tenacity to continue an onward and upward direction toward the next level of expression and success.

   Willy has written 100's of songs. He has played from packed bars, lodges, and festivals, to corporate events, dinner hours, and house shows. 

   Willy’s albums, and songs showcases memory driven melodies with the soulfulness of yesterday and the relativity of today.

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